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Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Organic searches are slow and haphazard

Customers familiar with your business may come to your site “organically” – that is, without any investment on your part. But that way is erratic, unpredictable, and slow. It requires a long-term investment, offers no guarantee, and is highly dependent on inbound links from other sites.

Searches made in this way result in a lot of “noise,” especially if the user doesn’t have a real clear idea of what you do. This “noise” can lead a potential customer down the wrong path – and away from your business.

Exchanging links is tedious

Exchanging links with other sites is a tedious process. It usually involves getting approvals and involves multiple departments. And it involves giving up some website real estate of your own to accommodate a return link.

The opportunities for linking to your site are limited and, in the end, costly and mostly ineffective.

Organic SEO focuses on the comparative values of different search engines.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) focuses on the values of different marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay-per-Click)
“PPC converts up to 50% higher than organic SEO.” (Internet retailer)

There is better way to get leads than organic searches. WCI helps you manage this process, building a marketing model based on prospective customer interaction with your website – “pay-per-click” or what’s even better, a “pay-per-acquisition” model -- where your marketing investment is tied directly to customer interest in your product.

WCI offers a fully-managed service for the “pay-per” function. Tracking the activities of leading search engines like Google and Yahoo!/ Bing, WCI can measure the effectiveness of these lead sources, plan a better PPC campaign for you, and deliver detailed monthly reports on performance.

Keywords point to you

More effective and more active than organic searching is the choosing of “keywords” that users will click on when using popular search engines like Google or Yahoo!

By carefully selecting the right keywords and phrases most likely to be entered by customers, you maximize both the number of respondents and the quality of customers as potential buyers of your products.

There are thousands of keywords managed by the leading search engine providers, and WCI can help you select the ones with the highest probability of bringing customers to your site.  

How PPC works

The user enters a keyword in a search engine like Google. Your ad is displayed, probably along with some competitors and similar businesses. If the user clicks on your ad, he or she is sent to your website (and landing page if you have one).

The more specific your keywords are, the better the chance that a user will find you. There will be fewer competitors and less “noise” to distract the user.

It’s a fully-managed service in which your business gets listed on all the major search engines. Additional focus can be provided with geo-targeting and “part of day” targeting.

Along the way, the results of keyword and ad-copy testing as well as PPC metrics are shown in detailed monthly performance reports.

Higher Conversions Boost ROI

Landing pages increase conversions on your PPC, banner and social media campaigns. With lead capture forms and third-party integrations, you gain valuable knowledge about your customers and add sales of other products.

And landing pages work with your existing website. This protects your investment in current website development and marketing strategies. But the strategic change to a landing page, and even better, a video landing page, means all the difference in the world regarding ROI. The landing page is fully managed “invisibly” on Amazon’s EC 2 Cloud, meaning you don’t have to worry about the process.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Optimizing your landing pages for the best conversion possible lowers your customer acquisition costs. And this, combined with the higher ROI gained, means you have the most cost-effective process for getting leads. Cost-savings allow you to modify your marketing strategy to add new channels like social advertising or email marketing.

Cost savings also allows you to do more testing of alternatives to fine-tune existing campaigns or re-target customers with new messages and incentives.

A/B Split Testing and Optimization

WCI creates, publishes and tests multiple variants of each page. A/B testing lets WCI find out what your customers think and conclusively proves which version of a page converts better.

Testing also provides valuable intelligence for re-targeting customers using promotions and incentives geared to personal preferences discovered through interactive marketing.

Real-time metrics measure campaign success and keep you informed of improving lead conversions, customer acquisitions, dropping acquisition costs and rising return on investment.

Hosted Landing Pages

“Landing pages can improve your conversion rate by 25%.” (Omniture)

Many online campaigns die on the vine because the customer is not motivated when visiting your site. A specially designed landing page can change all that. Sending traffic to a promotion-specific landing page increases campaign performance (by as much as 25% according to Omniture).

To maximize this traffic, WCI takes the process one step further. Adding video to the landing page brings a new dimension in awareness and customer engagement.


WCI has the expertise to produce the video with access to specialists in photography, videography, recording, scripting, editing, graphic design, music and audio and many others involved in the video process.

With WCI hosting the landing page for you, and with the attention-getting technique of video, the response rate should jump dramatically for you, increasing conversions and lowering costs. According to Search Engine Watch, “Video landing pages generate 4-7 times higher engagement and response rates.”

(SEO keywords in red)

Eden Rafferty Uses Car Accident Reconstruction to Obtain Acquittal for Mother Charged in Death of Own Daughter


Grieving mother found not guilty of vehicular homicide in emotional trial



It all started with an illegal U-turn that became a nightmare for a mother and her family. Suddenly, a violent collision involving a speeding truck resulted in the death of one of the children in the car.

Not only did the mother lose her child, she was charged with operating to endanger and vehicular homicide. Having to live with the tragedy of losing a daughter was the most pain and suffering the mother could ever experience but now she also feared going to jail for a serious crime if convicted.

This fear brought her to the offices of Eden Rafferty and to Criminal Defense Attorney Greg Benoit, a known expert in motor vehicle accidents and motor vehicle homicides. Attorney Benoit sat down with the client and explained the trial process to her, reassuring her that he would do all he could to lift the heavy burden of defense that added to her fear, apprehension, and grief.


Attorney Benoit explained that the court process would take a long time and did, in fact, take two and a half years to get to trial.  He explained the several pretrial phases of going through discovery of evidence that the prosecutor had. He advised her that there wasn’t much need for her testimony or anything else she had to do because the case would depend on the numbers of the accident and all the calculations. It would be all about the reconstruction of the crash.

Throughout the trial, he would represent her in court, sparing her from as much additional trauma as possible. He felt they had a good case and advised her not to plead guilty to anything.


There were several prosecutors in the case and much evidence to go through. Both the client and the truck driver were charged. Evidence from the medical examiner’s office was presented. There were several hearings, most of which were short, and the client had to appear briefly in some of them.

Attorney Benoit’s experience with the Worcester District Attorney’s office turned out to be a major benefit to this client. He was a member of the Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit and had studied active reconstruction of accidents.

Attorney Benoit went through all the evidence, and, using that reconstructive experience, determined that the truck that struck his client was using excessive speed at the time of the collision.

He also showed that, even though his client made an illegal U-turn, that if the truck driver had been going the proper speed limit, she would have cleared his lane by 5 or 6 seconds; or, if he had been going the proper speed limit, he would've had enough perception-reaction time to stop his vehicle from hitting her. But because he was traveling at such a high rate of speed, he had no reaction time whatsoever. As a result, he broadsided her car, killing the daughter.


The overshadowing element was the client’s daughter died in this accident, so there was nothing the court was going to do that would make this any less of a tragedy for her.

But Attorney Benoit did what he could do. She was not found guilty of any motor vehicle crime. She did make an illegal U-turn, and that was put on her file. But she also got her license back which had been suspended since the accident. After the evidence was in, she was discharged from her arrest and freed to go.

Although acquitted and released, this client has to live with the tragic result of the car accident every day. According to Attorney Benoit, “This was one of the toughest cases I've ever had to try.”

Online Reputation Management (ORM)


“A good reputation is more valuable than money."
                       - (Publilius Syrus)


Company XXX believes that your reputation is extremely important - online and in the community. Its Online Reputation Management (ORM) product will increase your credibility and help ensure higher ratings for your business. XXX partners with for business monitoring, alerts and analysis. You get email alerts when your business is mentioned on the web, blogs, forums, etc. And XXX provides a web-based dashboard for easy management reviews-all in one convenient place. has been providing Online Reputation Management and Internet Privacy to customers in over 100 countries since 2006 and was recently awarded the prestigious 2011 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award.

Why focus on Reputation Management? You want your business to look its best on the Internet. You don’t want customers who are searching for you to find outdated or inaccurate information about you which can cast a negative light on your business.

If you have private information, it should remain private. But current Internet laws are insufficient to protect businesses like yours from those meant to provide harmful information against you or even inaccurate information however well-intentioned.

The rise of social sites, blogs, online forums and other forms of online sharing has made public companies more vulnerable than ever, and reputation management is critical today. We can help you protect your privacy and good name and keep you among the most respected businesses in your industry.

We strive to provide an honest and ethical service to our customers. We know you want to do the same for your customers. Let us help you identify the ways you can be proactive in establishing the industry-leading reputation you deserve and in protecting that reputation from harm.

Have a professional website, honest web material, and good products and services. We can write and monitor content on your behalf.

There are millions of people on the Internet today, many of them potentially interested in your business. We can help you give them the right perspective and appreciation for what you offer.

“I would strongly recommend XXX to any business who wants to take it to the next level online. No matter what your web project or requirements are, you can trust XXX to get results. They deliver what they promise.” (Laurie Chozick, Center Framing and Art)

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Our company has a different perspective on business development. Our approach is to work with you to discover and fully understand and appreciate your customer experience and to develop a solution perfectly aligned with customer expectations. We work interactively with you to identify the best business techniques required for that solution including any research and design steps, upfront investment strategy, flexible staffing, and any other resources needed. Our approach is based on Human Centered Design and is customer-driven. Knowing exactly what your customers need and want and meeting those expectations is your best guarantee for business success.

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