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The New World of Family Photography: Pirates and Princesses


Local photographer brings magical Storybook Experience to her West Islip studio


Long Island, N.Y. – March 22, 20XX – A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing. A young girl imagines herself to be a princess with crown and magic scepter. A young boy imagines himself a swashbuckling pirate with black hat and treasure chest. Both dreams come true at the KristenPITRE Photography Studio at 475 Montauk Highway in West Islip.


Providing imaginative settings for children is a unique approach to capturing the excitement of youth for stylized photography in the tradition of Norman Rockwell. The Pitre studio has generated unprecedented enthusiasm and positive reactions from thousands of families who have already enjoyed the first photographic events, the Santa Experience and the Easter Bunny Experience.


Children have had the opportunity to meet and interact with Santa in his workshop, see their name on his “nice” list, play with toys and enjoy some candy. Mrs. Clause is also there baking cookies with some of the children. Over 7,000 families have taken advantage of this unique offering.


Equally exciting, and almost sold out, is the Egg-perience event where the Easter Bunny himself is there to present his Easter eggs and candy to wide-eyed children. Early Notification Lists are filling up for 2017.


Mothers have shown pride and emotion in watching their children enjoy these experiences, and in growing numbers are commenting on Facebook. The phenomenon has generated national stories on Newsday and on Fox.


The overwhelming success of these events has led to the Storybook Experience which extends child enjoyment – and photographic expertise – to other domains of imagination including the Princess Experience, Pirate Experience, and Peter Pan Experience. Combining exquisite set design with professional photography, these environments are perfect for eliciting the best photos possible of children enjoying themselves.


These events are booked on the appropriate websites for the Christmas Experience, Egg-perience, and Storybook Experience. Parents are encouraged to book as soon as possible because sessions are limited.




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        


Over 7,000 N.Y. Families Sign Up to Meet the Real Santa


Long Island, N.Y. – December 15, 20XX – The real Santa has come to New York. Nestled in a magical kingdom at 475 Montauk Highway, Santa and Mrs. Clause are meeting and greeting children and their parents from all over the state.


Why this place and why this Santa? What is compelling so many New Yorkers to sign up a year in advance to have the Santa Experience for their children?


In an age of commercialism and skepticism, the all-too-familiar department store Santa has lowered the expectations of parents eager to have photos taken of their precious young children. And they want the experience to be special, keeping the spirit of Santa alive in their children’s hearts. But the typical experience falls very short of the ideal.


Many children are shy, suspicious, and nervous about meeting Santa because to most, he is still a stranger, having only heard stories of seen pictures of this mysterious benefactor. If they went to a mall and saw him, they were still suspicious.


But Kristen Pitre has changed all that. In her magic kingdom, the children who come to meet Santa at her photography studio are warmly greeted and welcomed into Santa’s workshop where they get to realize their Christmas dreams in one-on-one time with Santa.


This is much more than a “Santa’s-lap” session. Children get to have milk and cookies with Santa, see their names on his “nice” list, play with Christmas toys, and even tug his beard just to make sure it’s real.


Mrs. Clause is real, too, and the children can bake cookies with her in the kitchen. Christmas, is, after all, a family time and a time for sharing and caring.


The Christmas Experience is part of a growing phenomenon called Storybook Experience that includes other fairy-tale realities including the Princess Experience, the Peter Pan Experience, and the Pirate experience.


And let’s not forget the Easter Bunny. Pitre also has an Egg-perience where children share the magic of Easter time with the famous hare apparent. The waiting list for this experience grew to over 5,000 families!


Reactions to these experiences have been amazing. Parents are seeing great photography, and more than that, are overjoyed by their children’s excitement and genuine happiness at living their dreams. These are memories that will last a lifetime. Hundreds of ecstatic parents have commented already on Facebook.


Sessions can be booked at the company’s websites: Santa Experience and Egg-perience.







A Lofty Idea: Francis Lofts & Bunks Offers Space-Age Solution
for Cozy Studio Apartments

The leading provider of modern adult loft beds and bunk beds provides the ideal solution for space-starved adults who need to combine living space with sleeping space


Dayton, OH — April 18, 20XX — A new urban legend is being made by a company that offers the highest value (literally) in adult loft beds. Francis Lofts & Beds offers beds which allow living room or office furniture to be placed under them to conserve valuable real estate in today’s city efficiency apartments and condos.


Bunk beds are not just for kids any more. There are now twin, full and queen-size loft beds and bunk beds for adults. They are being used in living rooms, guest rooms, and even bed rooms to provide needed space for desks, reading area, love-seats, closets and beds for pets.


“As our spaces shrink,” says company founder Ryan Francis, “our innovation must expand – and adults all over America are answering the call by taking their mattresses to the sky.”


 Made of sturdy industrial strength aluminum and tested for 2,000 pounds of weight, these beds are not only strong, but are also very attractive and come in a variety of colors to enhance any cosmopolitan design scheme.


Offering full customer service and a 60-day money-back guarantee, Francis wants to convert all the frustrated home and apartment owners who feel cramped for space – by offering adult beds that offer that prized extra space and can be easily converted from bunk-bed style to loft style without additional parts. It’s a great solution for a lot of people.


As Francis puts it, “Obviously, switching from a bed on the ground to one in the sky may take some getting used to, but the comfort our loft beds provide, combined with the increased sense of space you’ll have in your home will quickly relieve any stress you may feel.”


So guests no longer need to sleep on the couch. There is now hope, “high hope,” to give them a good night’s sleep.


For more information on the beds or for color paint chips, contact the company at:




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