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As Tonto told the masked man:

"Kemosabe, you need silver bullets." He was right.

I can help you find the unique value that sets you apart from everyone else and together, we will deliver the message on target that brings you new business.

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Society for Technical COmmunicators International Award Winner
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You may need help deciding on how good your manuscript is. Are the chapters organized in a way that makes sense?

Is the language clear and appropriate for your audience? Can the phrasing be improved? The grammar? The spelling?

Do you need proofreading? How about transitions - does your story move smoothly from one chapter to the next?

Do you summarize information along the way? Do you wrap things up at the end?

Do you need help promoting your book so it becomes an Amazon Best Seller? (I've done that for authors already).

I would like to be your writing partner so you can realize your dream of becoming a published author. 

I've worked with 17 authors so far. I would like to work with you, too.

Let's make your book

publishing ready!

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Upwork Writer Site

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If you don't have the time or need some help with your blogs, I can help. I've written hundreds of blog articles for clients worldwide. 

I can handle the most complex subjects and the most sensitive.

I'm experienced in a lot of different industries, like business, technology, education, medical/healthcare, HR/ training. leadership, law, and more.

I will give you a professional article in

your voice, on time, and on budget.


   on request

Let's find your


Tonto was a wise marketing consultant. His advice to the Lone Ranger was timeless, true today as it was then. 

Let me help you find your silver bullets - whatever makes you unique and gives you that distinctive business advantage for your clients.

Finding your competitive value to your customers will bring their interest to your door.

Let me find and deliver those silver bullets for you. Consider me your six-shooter for hitting your target markets.

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